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A minimal clock plasmoid

Recently I’d been hankering for a really minimal date/time display on my KDE desktop, à la one of those ridiculously beautiful widgets available for Rainmeter on my Windoze install.

A bit of googling and dozens of deviantArt desktop screenshots later, I considered what appeared to be the most popular system monitor for Linux desktops, conky.

Well conky looked promising, but it soon proved to be a real pain to configure, and after repeated attempts to install some scripts from the internet, I kept running into problems like transparent areas being rendered opaque-black, and perhaps most importantly not being able to move the ‘widget’ by dragging it.

So this evening I had a bit of free time and thought I’d try my hand at making a minimal clock plasmoid. This isn’t the first time I’m making a QML plasmoid( my first one – http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=scratch%2Fkamath%2Fsmart_plasmoid.git ), so in an hour or so I managed to come up with this :


Download it here : http://kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=156715

This perhaps still doesn’t come close in terms of elegance to some of the widgets for Rainmeter or maybe conky, but I’m happy with the result; it’s pretty close to what I wanted.

The font and text colour are configurable through the plasmoid settings menu.
I’ve used the Geo Sans Light font (get it here) in the screenshot. Here’s the wallpaper.

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GSoC {SMART Harddisk Monitoring} Status Update

Its been 52 days since (yes!) since the May 21 coding period for my project began, and here is what I’ve completed so far:

The SMART library, libsolidsmart, is complete, and essential API docs are done. It has a structure that is abstracted to allow multiple backends, and currently the udisks2 backend is complete.

The SMART hard disk health monitoring tool, KSmart is also complete, with only minor UI improvements (read beautification) remaining.

Here are some screenshots of KSmart in action :

As for the latter part of my GSoC project, which deals with improving ISO file management features in KDE, I’ve already begun working and a dolphin service to mount ISOs should be done this weekend.  Related to that, I recently committed a tiny patch to Solid so that it correctly returns the optical disk icon for mounted ISOs.

You can have a look at the solidsmart and ksmart sources here : http://quickgit.kde.org/index.php?p=scratch%2Fkamath%2Fsolidsmart.git&a=summary

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Beeconf released

Beeconf is a graphical utility for Bumblebee (for Nvidia Optimus users) which allows you to set the default GPU (nvidia or intel) for running a particular application. It is still under development, and this is my first working release.

Screenshot of beeconf in action

Screenshot of beeconf in action

How to get the app:

For non-git users:

Download the application here : https://github.com/anantkamath/Beeconf/downloads (Choose tar or zip)

For git users:



1) First install the required dependencies:

If you are a KDE user, you only need to download PyKDE4 (~7 MB)

Gnome users and those using other DEs need both PyKDE4 and PyQt4

2) After installing the dependencies extract the downloaded tar or zip file and cd into the extracted folder. Then run python beeconf.py


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