#! About

Hi, this is Anant Kamath.

I’m an 19yr old programmer, Linux lover and a wannabe electronics enthusiast stranded in Goa for a few years .. and I intend to use this space to document my journey through the amazing world of open source, Linux, coding, electronics, and of course the uncountable beaches of Goa.

So since you’re here already, I hope you’ll enjoy reading my (hopefully) numerous upcoming blog posts about everything I just mentioned

And yeah if you’re wondering why in the Holy Penguin’s name my blog is entitled hashpling, let’s just say its the first thing that came to mind when choosing a title, and of course I prefer anything to Random Ramblings of a Rambling Rambler


2 thoughts on “#! About

  1. msx says:

    “Stranded” in Goa!?
    Gosh, I myself would love to be ‘stranded’ there! =D
    Btw, I love Minimal Clock, good work 🙂

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